Why I’m running for the SGFP at-large position

(Note: If you’re not a family physician in Ontario, this post will have no relevance to you.)

The last few months following the unilateral actions by the government have been particularly frustrating for family physicians. We have certainly been unfairly targeted by the cuts, with a government that appears to have no interest in any meaningful discussion regarding the future of our primary care system.

Perhaps now more than ever, it is absolutely crucial for family physicians to have strong and vocal representation through the SGFP. You need advocates who are easily accessible, with the necessary vision and communication skills to move the government to act.

I have been particularly vocal over these past few months both on social media as well as on my personal blog. I hope that many of you have had an opportunity to read some of my posts for a glimpse into my approach to many of the issues within our health care system. My piece entitled “Ontario MDs vs. the Ontario government: We need better” became a rallying cry for physicians in the week following the unilateral cuts, and was cross-published to the Medical Post, healthydebate.ca, as well as an opinion piece on the front page of the London Free Press. It was exciting to see the potential for online communication to be a unifying voice for all family physicians throughout the province.

As a relatively new family physician, I will certainly bring a fresh perspective to both the SGFP and the OMA. I am not burdened by years of frustration dealing with red tape within government, and will approach our old problems with many new solutions.

If elected, I look forward to working with many of the sharp minds on the SGFP Executive Committee, who all share the same vision of strong, sustainable primary care in Ontario being led by physicians who are dedicated to our patients.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to representing all of you.



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