Will Ontario Liberals set cap on total MPP compensation budget?

As most of you know, the Ontario Liberal government has set an arbitrary cap on total physician payments, with clawbacks and cuts imposed unilaterally. If physician services exceeds their cap, due to increased utilization by the public, an aging population, or unforeseen epidemics, the government will enforce further cuts to recoup anything above the cap.

It’s irrational, short-sighted, and will drive physicians out of our province.

But I have a proposal.

For the 2018 Ontario provincial election, the number of MPPs will be increasing from 107 to 122, to account for increasing population growth…the same growth that the province refuses to fund for physician services. So right now, 107 MPPs each make a base salary of $116,500 (ministers and the premier make more, but I’ll keep the calculations simple). Following the government’s “net-zero” mandate, the $12,465,500 (107×116,500) that MPPs earn collectively cannot be increased. Dividing that amongst 122 MPPs, their new salary will be $102,176, which still puts them all comfortably on the Sunshine List.

But the MPPs will argue “Why should our pay be decreased 12.3% when we are doing the same amount of work for the people of Ontario?”

That’s exactly what physicians are asking you about our situation.


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