Crowdsourcing resources for patients: Part 1

Being a family doctor is pretty tough in the information age. You’re expected to be an expert diagnostician, therapist, health systems expert, up to date on the latest evidence, and you need to know exactly what to provide your patient in their time of need.

It’s a bit overwhelming at times to try to keep up with everything.

We all have our favourite resources that we use. Whether it’s bibliotherapy for patients, online resources for patients, and our online clinical resources, there are great resources out there, but like everything in our chaotic lives, we’re at the mercy of what information we are lucky enough (and have enough time) to encounter. And what resources we remember for when we’ll truly need it.

So let’s try an experiment. Over three separate posts, I’m going to be crowdsourcing your favourite resources: one post each for bibliotherapy, patient online resources, and clinician online resources.

Let’s do bibliotherapy first. What are your favourite books to recommend to patients? For any subject matter: bibliotherapy for mental health issues, parenting books, nutrition resources, addictions, anything you can think of! The more the merrier! Give me your answers in the comments, and don’t be afraid to repeat a book that’s already been suggested, because I want to see which emerge as consensus favourites. The books should be evidence-based, so please don’t post your favourite book about a quack fad diet or some shill author pushing supplements.

I will do a follow-up post to summarize the responses. In my own office, I have a library that I’ve established where I loan out books to patients, and I’m certainly eager to add any interesting titles that you suggest. Another intriguing possibility that I see in this sort of list building is that we can collectively approach local libraries in our communities about having books deemed clinically useful by clinicians to be easily accessible to all patients/citizens.

Looking forward to the comments!


5 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing resources for patients: Part 1

  1. Yoni Freedhoff

    In no order and off top of head:
    No More Sleepless Nights
    When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough
    The Body Image Survival Guide for Parents
    The Body Image Workbook
    Mindless Eating/Slim By Design


  2. Cathy Faulds

    An adult child’s guide to what’s normal.
    Sleep baby sleep
    How to please a man
    How to please a woman
    Sex begins in the kitchen
    Never good enough
    Crucial conversations



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