Dr. Elia is a family physician from London, Ontario, and is an adjunct professor in the Department of Family Medicine at Western University. He attended Western University for both medical school and residency. His undergraduate degree was in Life Sciences at Queen’s University in Kingston. He is a tortured fan of the Cleveland Indians, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors and New York Jets.

You can contact him via twitter @supermarioelia


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Darren

    Thank you for your post.
    As a chiropractor and UWO grad I agree with your opinions regarding the MINORITY of the profession. I question as to why you focus on the minority? Your basic understanding of 21 century chiropractic, specifically in Canada unfortunately is outdated. The concept of ‘energy healing’ ‘subluxations’ are outdated and do not appear in the course curriculum at CMCC ( I assume you know what this stands for) or endorsed by the CCA. I would’ve thought as an evidence based physician you would’ve done your due diligence before posting. Here are a few helpful sites to re-educate yourself. Here you will read policy/position statements, current definitions of chiropractic, involvement with govt and hospitals, etc. the last 2 links are chiropractic integration into hospitals.

    I assume you have relations with fowler Kennedy clinic? As a former patient (pre-chiro education) I went for 3 months of physiotherapy at fowler Kennedy clinic without a diagnosis, treatment which wasn’t evidence based and only consisted of ice and inferential (both shown to be ineffective timeand time again) and exercises which only made things worse. After 3 months I was referred to Dr Kevin Willits who performed surgery which again has been shown to be useless through research.

    My point is, no single profession is 100% evidence based. We all need to make improvements.


    1. supermarioelia Post author

      Hi Darren, thanks for the comment. Not sure if you realized that you were in the About section when you commented. You may want to delete this and re-post it under the other article.



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