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Links for a lazy Sunday – New Years 2015 Edition

It’s the first week of January, so it’s a given that the majority of the online health buzz has been about nutrition, exercise, resolutions, etc. That doesn’t mean the content has been dull however, so without any further ado…

1) This hilarious video poking fun at bad nutrition advice has been making the rounds from British comedians David Mitchell and Robert Webb from their hit show That Mitchell and Webb Look. The video is from 2009, but it’s still well worth the watch. Funny enough, it’s the hardest I’ve laughed at a medical parody since the last video I watched from Mitchell and Webb.

2) Julia Belluz (@Juliaoftoronto) from Vox gives us two great pieces focusing on lifestyle changes in the new year. This one gives a good look at integrating exercise into daily life, and the other gives a 7-day nutrition start for the New Year with help from expert Dr. Yoni Freedhoff (@YoniFreedhoff).

3) I’m an unabashed fan of the work done by the people at Science-Based Medicine and Neurologica. Pharmacist and skeptic Scott Gavura (@PharmacistScott) provides us this piece from early December following up on the CBC marketplace investigation into homeopathic “vaccines” and anti-vaccine rhetoric from those providers. He also wrote this evisceration of “detox programs”, to serve as a future reference whenever we are confronted with anyone pushing detoxifying pseudoscience. Steven Novella (@SkepticsGuide) chimed in with this entertaining piece on “How to Create a Fad Diet”.

4) Many emergency departments have been dealing with longer than usual wait times over the holidays, and this video provides a light reminder to patients on what constitutes an appropriate visit.

5) For anyone who has any interest in the art of debate and logical thinking, the website “Your Logical Fallacy Is” is an absolute gem. They offer both printable posters and posters for order through the website, making for easy access to call someone out on a logical fallacy quickly.

6) Here’s a useful article for patients from the NHS in the UK on how to critically look at health-related articles in the newspaper and online.

7) More patient resources, here’s an entertaining cartoon that explains in simple terms why vaccines work.

8) Big news here in Ontario this week as the smoking laws have changed as of January 1st. A much needed step forward in curbing tobacco use.

Hope everyone has a great week!